The University of Wyoming Apologizes to 14 Black Players They Kicked Off Team 50 Years Ago | In The News (Video)

Fourteen black football players who were kicked off the 1969 University of Wyoming’s football team received an apology on Sept. 13th from the school.

Their reason they were kicked off the team was because the men wanted to join a protest that took place when Wyoming played Brigham Young University, a school that’s owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. At the time, the churches rules stated that black people were not allowed to become priests.

The black players asked their coach if they could be in solidarity with the protestors by wearing black armbands during the game. Just for asking their coach Lloyd Eaton kicked them all of the team.

The decision led to campus protests, and it made national news. Three of the students returned to play for the school in 1970 and three others decided to attend historically black colleges. Meanwhile, two of the men landed in the NFL.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the incident, an entire week was dedicated to the players, who are known as the “Black 14.” And it ended with a dinner on September 13 where an official apology letter was read from athletics director Tom Burman.

Eight of the men were present for the week-long dedication, and Burman said all of the players had their college experience stolen.











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