Black Man Dies of Dyhidration After Being Left In His Cell For 3 Days Without Water | In The News (Video)

A 22-year-old black man named Shali Tilson was left to die in his jail cell after being arrested on a misdemeanor. He was also on suicide watch.

A video has been released that shows him in his cell naked before he eventually dies. He was in custody at the Rockdale County Jail in suburban Atlanta on a disorderly conduct charge for nine days before he died on March 12th, 2018 from a sudden blockage in his lungs from Dehydration. This is according to the Georgia Bureau of investigations who performed his autopsy.

Tilson, who battled bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, should have been checked every 15 minutes on suicide watch according to the jail’s policy, but video revealed no one opened a door he kept knocking on for eight hours, local TV station Fox 5 reported.

His family told the news station he lost 20 pounds while in solitary confinement, and the family’s attorney said Tilson was left without water for about three days.

“They treated my son worse than an animal, and you mean to tell me what she saw, nobody’s being held accountable?” Tilson’s mother, Tynesha Tilson, said during a news conference Wednesday at her attorney’s Decatur office.

The video shows Tilson looking out a small window in the cell’s door, pressing an emergency button on the wall and no one coming.

An official investigation later found the button wasn’t working, according to the AJC. He later collapsed in his cell.










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