Candace Owens Says White Supremacy Wouldn’t Make Her List of Top 100 Things Impacting Black Americans | In The News (Video)

Conservative commentator Candace Owens is facing criticism becuase she testified in front of a congressional subcommittee and said white supremacy wouldn’t make her list of top 100 things affecting the black community.

Then hours later, a Department of Homeland Security report declared white supremacist violence a top threat Friday, according to several media reports.

The House Oversight Joint Subcommittee hearing early Friday was aimed at combating white supremacy.

“Which based on the hierarchy of what’s impacting minority Americans, if I had to make a list of 100 things, white nationalism would not make the list.” 

“If we’re going to have a hearing on white supremacy, we are assuming that the biggest victims of that are minority Americans,” Owens said. “And presumably this hearing would be to stop that and preserve the lives of minority Americans.












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