Video Shows Owners of Gas Station Fighting Two Black Women | In The News (Video)

Two gas station owners and an employee face assault charges after a video showed them beating two black women Friday at a Pittsburg gas station.

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office on Monday announced simple assault charges against gas station owners Sukhjinder Sadhra, 35, and Balkar Singh, 40, and gas station employee Scott Hill, 50.

The video showed the three men holding the two women down and punching them repeatedly. The women were identified as sister’s Jamila and Ashia Regan. One of the men in the video could also be seen dragging one of the women by her hair. The incident took place based on a dispute over spilled gasoline.

A protest took place outside the gas station once the community got word of what took place to express their outrage over the incident. Activist in the area were also upset over the fact that the men involved were only charged with misdemeanors.














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