Teacher Switches From N–er To N–ga When Only Black Student Says She Was Uncomfortable | In The News (Video)

A mother is upset today after her daughter’s teacher repeatedly used the N-Word. The 12-year-old child is the only black kid in her class at Orchard School Bristol.

Her teacher was reading author John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” when the student told the educator his use of the N-word made her uncomfortable, the child’s mother told several news outlets.

The teacher responded by saying the word in ‘rapping style,’ replacing the “er” ending with “a,” according to the Metro newspaper.

“I believe if my daughter was gay, or if anything was said that was homophobic, it would be treated a lot more seriously,” the mother told the newspaper

The 1937 novella the teacher read uses the word “n—er” repeatedly in telling the story of displaced migrant ranch workers searching for new jobs during the Great Depression.

The school’s headteacher Julia Hinchliffe defended the teacher in question in a statement released to Bristol Live.

“We choose not to censor the text because, by deleting it from our curriculum, we would deny our students the right to a full understanding of racial prejudice over the course of history,” she said.




















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