White Supremacy Vs Accountability….What’s Our Biggest Problem? | What’s The Scenario? (Video)

There’s no questioning the fact that the black community needs help. Throughout history, there have been several institutionalized obstacles that have made it difficult for us to get ahead or at least get on equal footing with other races of people in this country, more specifically white people. 

Whether it was slavery, Jim crow, redlining, the prison industrial complex, or the bombing of an American city to corrupt our ability to empower ourselves (think black wall street) the powers that be have always made a point to keep us destabilized. However, as a people what are we to do with this information? Do we use it to galvanize one another to effect real change? Do we use it to empower the minds and spirits of our children? or Do we forget about the past and tell black folks to “Pick themselves up by their bootstraps?

This leads me to the debate I watched between Rapper and political activist Mysonne and King Face, who before watching the YouTube video I had no idea who he was, but apparently he is a strong advocate of Donald Trump and believes the president is what’s best for this country. He even goes as far as wearing a MAGA hat and encouraging everybody from his old neighborhood to vote for Trump. They had an interesting debate about these two opposite perspectives. Check out the video below and tell me what you think. Which side do you fall on? Also, check out my video below about the debate.



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