White Nationalist Caught Shooting Up Emmett Till Memorial; Run When Alarm Sounds | In The News (Video)

A memorial honoring Emmett Till was dishonored over the weekend by a group of white nationalists attempting to shoot a propaganda video at the historic site in Mississippi.

The video, released by Sumner Courthouse and the Emmett Till Interpretive Center on Saturday, shows the men filming a video in front of the memorial, which has been a repeated target for racist vandalism in recent years.

The group was caught red-handed, thanks to a newly installed surveillance system that was updated when crews erected a bulletproof memorial at the site late last month, Patrick Weems, executive directed for the Emmett Till Memorial Commission, told NBC News. 

In the clip, a group of five white people can be seen gathered at the sign in Sumner, Mississippi with the state flag, as well as another flag depicting the St. Andrews cross. Two other people are standing off to the side, appearing to record with their cellphones. 

Weems said the sirens, a new security feature, are a part of the updated surveillance system that was installed after a previous marker honoring Till, 14, was riddled with bullet holes on several occasions. He added that Saturday’s incident was the first of what looked “to be white nationalists making a propaganda video.”

Weems also told NBC News that the flag bearing the St. Andrews cross is linked to an Alabama-based neo-Confederate group called the League of the South.


















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