3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Friends With Your Children (Video)

It’s our responsibility as parents to help our children navigate the ins and outs of the world we live in. And if we are being honest, that’s not an easy job. We must also consider the fact that being Melanated people in this society adds an extra layer of difficulty that we can’t ignore.

So, with that being the case, it’s a must that we raise our children right and instill the morals and values that are necessary to be productive adults. One thing that can get in the way of accomplishing this goal is being friends with your kids. So, we have compiled a list of reasons why being friends with your kids can not only have a negative effect on your relationship with them but also with other adults outside of your home. Check out our list below!!


1. They Won’t Respect You or Other Adults.

Attempting to guide our children in the right direction can be difficult if they don’t respect us. Engaging in conversations with your adolescent child about your adult problems or involving them in situations that are not appropriate for kids will ultimately lead to a situation where they feel comfortable speaking to you any way they want. And that will lead to them not having respect for you.

To make matters worse, if they are allowed to talk to you any way they want they will eventually speak to adults outside of your home the same way. Unfortunately, Melanated children in or society are already treated unjustly and not given the same amount of leeway as other races of children so allowing this type of behavior can not only be detrimental to your relationship with them but also their health.


2. Ruin Their Perspective On The People & Places Around Them.

Allowing your children to be your friend will not only affect the amount of respect they display for you and other adults, but it may also ruin their perspective of the people and places around them.

Let me explain, children aren’t mentally equipped to understand the nuances of adult conversation so if you speak ill of a particular person or a place while having a conversation with them they won’t understand that you may be having a bad day or the fact that you may be joking, they are going to take what you say literal. If you truly do not like someone that sentiment should not be expressed to your children.


3. Make Them Feel Like There Adults Too.

Finally, if you spend time including your children in adult conversations and allow them to be a part of the decision making that’s typically reserved for adults, they will begin to feel as if they are adults themselves. This can have seriously negative effects on their childhood.

Children need to spend time being just that…. children. They are not mentally ready to deal with the trials and tribulations that come with adult life and you will force them to grow up too quickly and create a false sense of maturity. So, don’t rush the process. allow them to be children because once you become an adult there is no going back.


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