Looking For Love? 3 Things Single Parents Should Do Before Starting a New Relationship

Finding the right person to be in a relationship with isn’t an easy task. If your someone who has children already, the process can seem even more strenuous. So, we have put together a shortlist of things we feel are important to consider when looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right.!!


1. Don’t Rush.

Once you’ve ended the relationship with the mother or father of your child, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is moving on to your next relationship too quickly. Even though you may meet someone new and feel there’s a strong connection there, building a solid foundation takes time. And your immediate focus should be creating a sense of normalcy and structure in your child’s life again. Sometimes we fell to realize how much are children are affected by the decisions we make as adults Also, its important that you not only allow yourself time to heal from that experience but also time to learn from it as well.


2. Be Accountable.

Playing the blame game after a relationship ends is the wrong approach. If we want to grow as individuals, our mentality should be centered around making improvements and learning from our mistakes. The only way you can do that is by taking full responsibly and being accountable for what we may or may not have done to cause the demise of our relationships. Again, the fact that there is a child involved makes doing these things that much more important. If you don’t learn from those past experiences you’re bound to repeat the same mistakes. Your personal development and evolution as a person should be your top priority and something that need’s to be taken very seriously. This all starts with you being accountable.


3. Create Realistic Expectations.

Last but not least, after you have taken the necessary time to reflect on your past relationship and made your self completely accountable for everything you may have done incorrectly. It’s now important that you create realistic expectations for your next relationship. It’s my opinion that the criteria we use to determine what makes a person a good fit for us typically comes from how we are socialized in this country. Allowing the amount of money someone makes or their physical appearance to be the main source of your attraction will lead you down the wrong road. Your expectations should be determined by your individual attributes and you mentality as a person. Make sure the characteristics you require your partner to have are ones you posses also. Don’t allow outside influences to shape your perspective on love and relationships. Have an honest conversation with yourself about where you are as a person and what makes you a good partner. This will help create realistic expectation of your next partner. But at the end of the day, it all starts with you.













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