BET Docuseries “Copwatch America” Investigates Police Killing of Unarmed Black Teen, Veltavious Griggs | In The News

In the latest episode of Copwatch Americaon BEIn October of 2019, the Law Office of Attorney Gerald A. Griggs received a copy of the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Autopsy report. The report found that Veltavious Griggs “cause of death was a contact gunshot to the head.” The report goes on to say that the manner of the death is still undetermined.

“He was allowed to bleed out in front of his child’s mother’s home for hours. He needed medical attention. I was already very concerned about the nature of the reporting because it did not sound realistic. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office has made it clear that the facts of this investigation do not corroborate her autopsy report. Now we want to know why,” said Attorney Griggs.

“He was a good child. He wanted to be a good father. He loved music. It’s not right for anyone to just take another person’s life. He just started living. He was only 19-years old. They killed him ten days before his birthday,” said Shantrina Griggs, the mother of Veltavious Griggs.

Watch the full video of Veltavious Griggs’ story:

The docuseries will also include the cases of Oscar Caine, Eric Garner, Jamarion Robinson, and Nicholas Bolton. Griggs works alongside Chris “City” Mungin, Yonasda Lonewolf, Shar Bates, and Patrick Newbill.

T, Attorney Gerald A. Griggs investigates the case of 19-year old Veltavious Griggs who was shot and killed by Union City Police Officer Jerome Turner on April 1, 2019. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has stated that Officer Turner was dispatched to a fight. Upon arrival, he began chasing a man that he believed was involved in the fight and was armed. The chase ended with Mr. Griggs fatally shot several times. The only gun recovered from the scene was Officer Turner’s weapon.














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