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If you are like the millions of individuals who go to work on Monday and say, “I can’t wait until Friday,” then you can definitely relate to Martinique Brown, Founder of Today I Want to Be. Even in her mid-30’s, she struggled to figure out what she wanted to do with her life professionally, and that is why she decided to create the Today I Want to Be interactive calendar.

With the struggle of working a day-to-day job that wasn’t fulfilling, Martinique always had the desire to help children and youth explore different career fields based on their interests. She shares, “I wanted to create opportunities that connect children and youth with professionals that look just like them, and work in a variety of career fields so they don’t have to experience what I did.”

To accomplish this, Martinique focused on her first product, an interactive wall calendar featuring Black women and their careers, because she wanted black girls to look at these women on a daily basis as motivation to be whatever they want to be.


3 Things that Make the Calendars UNIQUE:

* Monthly virtual live interviews with middle school through college-age students as the co-hosts. These interviews allow the co-hosts and viewers to ask the professionals questions about their careers.

* Words of encouragement and affirmation throughout each month to foster healthy self-esteem within girls.

* Weekly goals to help girls reach their desired professional and personal destination.

The Today I Want to Be calendars also include a list of three things that make these women successful at their jobs.
























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