Knowledge is Power | 3 Books Every Black Teenager Should Read

With all the challenges that we face in the black community, gaining the correct knowledge about how we ended up in such a disenfranchised position is extremely critical to our development as a people. Knowledge on this subject can be obtained in many ways.

However, one of the most effective ways to gain a better perspective of the people, places, and situations that have shaped our existence in the United States of America is by reading a book. As parents, it’s imperative that we not only equip ourselves with the information but also see to it that our children learn as well. So, for all our parents that have teenage children we’ve put together a shortlist of books that can put your child on the road to knowledge of self and an overall understanding of the world around them.


1. The Autobiography of Malcolm X By Alex Haley.

This book tells the life story of Malcolm Little who would later become Malcolm X. Alex Haley does an excellent job detailing Malcolm’s evolution from an individual who heavily immersed himself in street culture to a devout Muslim and national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. The overall message in this book will definitely captivate the mind of any young person that reads it.

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2. Black Boy By Richard Wright

Black boy is a memoir by author Richard Wright about his life and upbringing in the south: Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee. This book which reads like a novel, details the brutality of growing up in the south in the 1920s with jim crow in full effect. Richard Wright does a great job of bringing the reader into his world. A great read for teenagers looking to get a clearer perspective on racism.

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3. Black History Reader: 101 Question You Never Thought To Ask By Dr. Claud Anderson

In this book, Dr.Claud Anderson examines the effects of racism on the black population in this country. He uses historical references to make his point clear while revealing the solutions he feels can get us out of our current situation. I recommend reading the book before your teenager so you will be able to answer any questions.

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