Bass Reeves | Meet The Black Deputy Marshal Most Consider The Real Lone Ranger (Video)

The relationship between law enforcement and the black citizens of the country has been a rocking one, to say the least. With so many racialized incidents over the years, it has been extremely difficult for members of the black community to trust the criminal justice system as a whole.

Even with that being said, I’m of the belief that if more fair-minded black men and women joined the police force, we may be able to infiltrate that system began producing real justice. One individual from our history that embodied this mindset was Bass Reeves. He would become the first black deputy marshal west of the Mississippi. Reeves, has a brilliant career in law enforcement making over 3,000 arrest and killing 14 men in self-defense. Those numbers may not seem like a lot but in the 1800s that was impressive. Check out the video about his life below!!

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