Clayton County Police Officer Pulls Gun On 5 Unarmed Teens; Community Activist Call For His Firing | In the News (Video)

Police have released the body camera video from an officer-involved in a stop of a group of teens at gunpoint that has drawn fierce criticism from the community. 

The encounter, which has led to calls for the officer’s firing, happened Monday evening off Taylor Road, near Flint River Road. Community activists, including rapper T.I., criticized the officer for drawing his weapon on the group of teens, who were all under the age of 15.

The video, which was provided by the Clayton County Police Department, begins with the officer in his car, after responding to 911 dispatch’s reports of armed teens walking from a convenience store. 

The officer first stops at the store parking lot, before being pointed into the direction that they left. After driving a little way, the officer finds the group and gets out of the patrol car with his weapon drawn.

“Stop! All of y’all stop!” the officer shouts. “Get your hands up! Up! Walk toward me.”

“Get your hands up or you’re going to get hurt,” the officer commands. 

“Now, listen to me, so you don’t get hurt!” the officer says, before giving repeated commands. “Don’t move.”

The officer, who is standing away from the teens, tries to ease the tension.

“Just relax. Nobody’s hurt,” he says.

“Yes sir,” one of the teens says.

“Please. I don’t want to hurt one of y’all,” the officer says before radioing his location and relaying the situation. 

“Young man, don’t move!” the officer shouts, as the group asks for whoever is moving to stop..

“What just happened at the store, guys?” the officer asks, before the group starts talking over each other.

“Relax,” the officer says.

The teens said they didn’t do anything.

“Why does the guy think one of you has a gun?” the officer asks. The answer from the teens is unclear, but the officer responds with, “Okay, then we good.”

Right after that, one of the teens starts moving, causing the officer to get tense again and repeat, “don’t move.” The group again asks for whoever is moving to stop, as the officer tries to assure them, “We chillin’ right now.”

In the next moment, the officer asks for “a 73” because of the crowd beginning to gather to see what is happening. 

The scene is quiet for a few moments before the officer tells the teens, “relax, guys. Don’t worry about them,” presumably referring to the crowd.

The officer still does have his weapon drawn and raised, though it does not appear to be pointed directly at anyone.

“You ain’t got nothing to do with this,” the officer says loudly to the people gathered, as people in the background begin to shout for him to leave them alone.

The officer turns his attention back to the teens, saying, “guys, y’all know what’s going on right? Don’t let this get y’all involved, all right?”

“We’ve had a good conversation. Don’t pay no attention to the crowd, alright?” he continues. “Y’all just relax, alright? Y’all know why I’m here.”

“Yeah,” one of the teens responds.

“I told y’all why I’m here, right? Alright, so don’t pay no attention to them,” the officer continues. “Relax. Don’t pull up your pants – remember I’m here because one of y’all might have a gun. Don’t pay no attention to the crowd. I’m not worried about them.”















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