The Reconstruction Era & The Re-Enslavement of Melanated People In This Country | History Matters (Video)

Many people who are not familiar with history, point to slavery as the last time Melanated Americans were severely subjugated. Unfortunately, nothing can be farther from the truth. In 1865, after the civil war ended and the emancipation proclamation was finalized the reconstruction era began.

The main purpose was to reinstitute the almost 4 million Melanated people who had just been freed into a society they were not familiar with. Around that same time, the freedman bureau was established to provide health services, educational services, and abandoned land services to newly freed slaves and poor whites. This didn’t sit well with many politicians in the southern states, so they quickly began instituting the “Black Codes” which basically outlawed Melanated people from moving freely and helped reestablish the horrific social order that slavery provided.

The Ku Klux Klan was also established around that time to combat the newfound freedom slaves had acquired. So, with the “Black Codes” and then the “Jim Crow Laws” which was instituted right after, Melanated Americans would endure almost another 100 years of legalized oppression. Check out this documentary on the Reconstruction area below!!!

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