How The Child Support System is Ruining Our Community (Video)

The Melanated family in America has a lot of work to do. Throughout our time in this country, there have been several systematic efforts to cause turmoil in our community. Whether it was the creation of the welfare system, unfair drug laws, or the prison industrial complex we have had an uphill battle since the beginning.

The child support system has not been our friend either. There are currently billions of dollars in arrears that cannot be collected because many of the fathers are not in a position financially to take care of their debt. It’s important to note that 70% of these cases are by men that make less than 10,000 a year and when the funds can’t be collected, depending on what state you live in, they will take your driver’s license and any other professional license you may hold as well as possible jail time. At the end of the day, you are criminalized for having children.

In the Melanated community, this just adds to the systematic issues I spoke of earlier and puts us at odds with the mother of our children and even our children in some cases. All of this is proof we need to try our best to avoid this system at all cost. Check out my video below about how the child support system is ruining our community!!


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